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Helen Smith
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Falcon, Halls Head, Mandurah, Rockingham, Secret Harbour, Baldivis

Dry Needling involves the needling of myofascial trigger points using acupuncture needles to deactivate and help resolve trigger points.

Dry Needling also know as Medical Acupunture, utilises a solid, filament needle, as is used in the practice of acupuncture, and relies on the stimulation of specific reactions in the target tissue for its therapeutic effect.

It can be beneficial to relieve trigger points in deep muscle or where there are a lot of trouble areas without the post soreness of a deep massage, excellent for relief of headaches and in the build up to migraines.


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Medical Acupuncture CPD 30hrs 2012
Myofascial Dry Needling CPD 30hrs 2016

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